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Interested in adopting one of our Furkids? 


First, a little info about what we do! Our first and foremost goal is to place our Bichons in a home that is the best match possible for both the dog and the family. Our dogs live in foster homes, which is a better environment for us to evaluate the dogs prior to adoption- so we do not have a facility that you can visit. We sometimes get puppies, but that is unusual; the majority of the Bichons that we receive in rescue are usually 3-7 years old, and most often males. And we have dogs coming into rescue pretty much all of the time.


1. All interested applicants must complete an application form. This is the first step in the adoption process, but does not guarantee placement of a dog with your family. It does give us necessary information to better match a dog to your family should one become available.


2. All dogs will be checked by our veterinarians and will be spayed or neutered before they are placed. All shots will be current, all dogs will be heartworm tested prior to placement and will be micro chipped for identification.


3. We do not do "gift dogs"... ALL persons and dogs living in the household MUST come to meet the dog. NO EXCEPTIONS...


4. We do not ship any of our dogs. You must be within driving distance of the Washington metropolitan area.


5. All of our Bichons, regardless of their "housetraining" experience, will need time to adjust to their new environment. Many of our Bichons, however, are not housetrained and you will have to train your Bichon. We will provide you with advice, as well as pants for the Bichon to wear while he/she is being trained or adjusting to your schedule.


6 Contrary to what some people say, Bichons are NOT hypoallergenic. There really is no dog that is. Bichons, however, do not have as much dander as other breeds, as they have hair and not fur, and do not shed.


7. While most children love the Bichon and vice versa, we do not generally recommend the Bichon for families with children under 5 that do not have previous dog experience.


8. If the rescue program still appeals to you, please complete the attached application and mail, fax, or email it us.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to email.


Complete the Offline Paper Adoption Application and submit via email to or

Fax: 1-866-473-0722 .


9. For additional information on the Bichon Frise, please go to

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